Project Plan For A Lawsuit

Project Plan For A Lawsuit

Develop a plan for a lawsuit – discuss it as part of the implementation. The focus should be the project plan in which you can define various tasks to ensure there is reduced repetitive work.


A lawsuit has many internal projects and corresponding deadlines. From a consultation to a fee/retainer agreement, to client documentation, to a complaint, discovery, mediations, depositions, and trial. There are many moving pieces with various deadlines that are crucial for a lawsuit to move forward accordingly. The proposed project is to work on a condensing the amount of repetitive work done for each matter when it comes to working on a lawsuit.


Things to include in paper:

(A) Industry background

(B) Basic business case for the project: why this project, what is it hoping to accomplish for the organization

(C) Project plan

(D) Project Risk: expected risk for new project, risk impacts and future risks in ongoing project

(E) Contingency plans: contingency for new projects, what were the contingencies and what should they have been

(F) Conclusion.



2500 WORDS