Experiential Group Practice Sessions

Experiential Group Practice Sessions


Group Members will complete this log for each week in which they are in the role of group member. You will use the same document each week, and you will write 4 to 6 academic sentences per question in a different color each week. This will allow you to notice development and build on your previous work.


Week 1: Write in black ink

Week 2: Write in red ink

Week 3: Write in blue ink

Week 4: Write in green ink

Week 5: Write in purple ink


You should use in-text citations that demonstrate your use of the Yalom (2006) text.


You must submit this log to receive credit for being present in the group. If you are not present in the group session, you cannot receive credit for the log.


The professor will provide feedback each week that you should address in the following week’s log.


The log starts on page 2.



Group Member Log


Part 1: Application of Yalom (2006) Concepts



1. What stage of development is your group in this week? Please refer to Yalom (2006) to support your answer and give specific examples of the traits your group demonstrates to fulfill this stage of development. (note: your group may not progress through all 5 stages of group development due to the short nature of the semester)


2. Yalom tells us that every member is a “problem” group member, and he does not mean this in a negative way. He simply means that everyone experiences challenges in the group – and he describes each “problem” group member as also having strengths. Which “problem” group member role best fits each member of your group and why? Be descriptive in your rationale and provide references to the Yalom (2006) text. Pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal behaviors and include a specific example for each group member.


3. Provide 3 specific examples that demonstrate that your group is or is not cohesive this week. Chapter 3 of the Yalom (2006) text may help you with recognizing cohesion.


4. In what ways is your group homogenous this week? In what ways is your group heterogeneous this week?


5. Are the group dynamics and interactions appropriate for the stage of development you identified and described in question 2? Why or why not?


Part 2: Reflection


1. How are you feeling about being a group member?


2. What did you learn about yourself in this group session?


3. What benefits to group therapy are you noticing as a result of your participation in this group?


4. Which of Yalom’s “problem” member roles best fits your role in the group? What are you learning about yourself?

5. Has your role in the group shifted? (note: you do not need to answer this question until you’ve been a member twice)


6. How did you positively impact the group this week? Did you negatively impact the group in any way?


7. What will you do differently in the group next time? Please be descriptive in your rationale and give a specific example.



If there are any other reflective thoughts you would like to include, please share them here: