The increasing multicultural and global environments where you live, go to school, and work creates communication challenges which need to be understood. How you describe yourself and the groups that you identify with is a significant aspect of understanding intercultural communication, since you may not belong to just one cultural group. It is also important to note that culture is not just a racial or ethnic designation.For this  consider how multiculturalism and diversity impact various aspects of your life and specifically, how you communicate with others. Even though you may not interact with other cultures on an international level, you will likely interact with people from a variety of cultural backgroundsList the co-cultures you identify with and would use to describe yourself.Explain which co-culture is the dominant one; the one you would use to describe yourself the most.Explain why you would or would not be comfortable limiting yourself to one co-culture as a description.Explain how these co-cultures might influence your communication within those co-cultures and those outside of your co-cultures.Explain the value of understanding multicultural and global environments in regard to being an effective communicator.