DB5 – Chapter 5: Trauma

Remember there are minimum lengths (250 words) and expectations of analysis and application of course concepts. You are expected to use the textbook as your first source and to cite in-text where you used the the text information. A complete reference list is expected at the end of each discussion.Review thechanges in the DSM V for trauma disorders.Recognizing that the DSM is created by committee and they consider events in the world and how our understanding of various disorders have changed. (Remember that homosexuality was taken out of the DSM about 40 years ago and we have seen how transsexualism (now gender dysphoria) is viewed as an example of cultural and historical influence. You are NOT talking about homosexuality in this DB. This DB is about trauma).What might be some events since 1994 (publication of the previous DSM IV) that influenced these changes in thediagnosisof trauma? Be specific about the event and how it could influence trauma.