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Discussion: Open ForumWhen analyzing the evidence, what questions come to mind about the crime, the offender, and the victim? During this Open Forum, consider what information you may need to determine the concepts related to theReview the evidence of the course case, looking at concepts related to the offense.What things would you like to know related to the offense?As you review the documents, are there other issues surfacing?READING MATERIALBartol, C. R. & Bartol, A. M. (2010). Criminal & behavioral profiling. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Chapter 5, “Profiling Applied to Specific Crimes” (pp. 129–170)Turvey, B. E. (2012). Criminal profiling: An introduction to behavioral evidence analysis (4th ed.). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.Chapter 6, “An Introduction to Crime Scene Analysis” (pp. 141–162)Chapter 11, “An Introduction to Crime Reconstruction” (pp. 253–286)Chapter 12, “Crime Scene Characteristics” (pp. 287–310)Chapter 18, “Psychopathy and Sadism: Interpreting Psychopathic and Sadistic Behavior in the Crime Scene” (pp. 447–480)Schlesinger, L. B. (2009). Psychological profiling: Investigative implications from crime scene analysis. Journal of Psychiatry & Law, 37(1), 73–84.SECOND ASSIGMENTAssignment: Investigating a Crime: Phase II – Concepts Related to the OffenseWhat does the analysis of evidence tell us about the general nature of the crime, the offender’s knowledge of the location of the crime, the risk level for the offender, the level of risk of the victim, and the relationship between the victim and offender? The analysis of the concepts related to the offense can help determine if the crime was organized or disorganized. It can also determine motive and intent.In this Assignment you start Phase II of the criminal investigative analysis process by analyzing the evidence of the criminal report from the perspective of the offense.To prepare for the Assignment:Review the evidence in the criminal report from the perspective of the offense.By Day 7In a 2- to 3-page analysis of the offense:SummarizeThe victim’s action during the offenseThe offender’s action during the offenseAny victim/offender interaction before, during, and after the offenseExplain anyMotiveStagingModus operandiIntentPremeditationAffective violencePredatory violenceExpressive/instrumental violenceSignature/ritualFinally, explain whether the crime was organized or disorganized. Support your conclusion with references to the specific evidence.