1Describe the characteristics of the main or central research question in a qualitative study.State your proposed qualitative research question.The main form of data collection in a qualitative study is the interview. Describe the characteristics of the qualitative interview and the types of questions used in a qualitative interview.Use references from Creswell and Poth’s Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design text and Patton’s Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods.2I/O psychology has been evolving for many years in the United States and elsewhere. Multiple prominent theorists have been contributing to the evolution of this field; knowing the history of I/O psychology helps you to understand its current as well as its future direction. For your initial discussion post, complete the following:Read Module 1.2, “The Past, Present, and Future of I-O Psychology,” in your Work in the 21st Century text.Review the Industrial Versus Organizational Aspects of I/O Psychology chart (linked in Resources).Select a scholarly article from the Capella University Library on a seminal historical theorist and their impact on an I/O psychology topic that interests you.Describe the contribution of the historical theorist to the topic you chose.Analyze the growth of the I/O psychology specialization in recent years. What changes in the workplace have increased the importance of the I/O specialization? How might you expect it to change in the future, based on the current trends?Cite the source in current APA format.