Social Roles and Social Behaviors

I NEED THIS BY 06/17/21.PLEASE USE ATTACHMENT (CU002) TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT. REMEMBER EACH RESPONSE REQUIRE 4 PARAGRAPHS.OverviewFor this Assessment, you will answer a series of short answer questions based on a scenario provided to demonstrate your understanding of how human culture can dramatically alter and change human behavior through the power of groups, and the creation of social roles, and expectations for social behavior.Assessment Submission Length: Three Written Responses (4 paragraphs each).Professional Skills:Engaging Multiple Social and Cultural Perspectives,Information Literacy,Inquiry and Analysis, andWritten Communicationare assessed in this Competency.InstructionsAccess the following to complete this Assessment:Download theCU002 Written Response Template, which includes the Rubric for this Assessment, and answer each question in four paragraphs. Complete the form using the criteria presented in the Rubric.