paper psychology

In 1,400 words or less, please describe an incident relevant to social psychology that youexperienced or witnessed. Indicate the number of words at the top of the paper.After describing the incident you either witnessed or experienced, explain how four (4) of thecourse concepts you were exposed to (either in lecture or the book) have helped you better understand thesocial psychology of this incident. Please use only our lecture or course textbook as sources for yourpaper. Make sure to clearly and thoroughly explain each concept before describing how it has helpedyour understanding of social psychology. Underline each concept. Cite your explanations of conceptsusing the format (Text, p. XX), or (Lecture, Date). Please do not attach a Title Page, Bibliography orReference Page. This is unnecessary. Instead of quoting, paraphrase.Your grade will be heavily based on the clarity and completeness of your concept explanations, as well ashow persuasively you show that the concepts have helped you better understand the incident. It also willbe based on following these directions (i.e. word count, number of underlined concepts, explaining anincident).you can figure out the concepts from the weekly subjects from the attached file.