APA Writing

write anAPAformatted Critique in your own words. Choose any of these articles:article 1: “Enhancing School Success with Mnemonic Strategies2_2”.article 2: “Workaholism Addicted to Work”article 3: “Predicting Officer Physical Assaults at Domestic Assault Calls”.Must Meet criteria mentioned on “Rubric APA Writing.”.Format Must match.Format:(Please review APA Writing Template for instruction)Page 1 – Cover page  (separate page)Page 2 – Abstract (separate page)Page 3 Begins with -Summary: (a brief description of the article in approximately 11 lines),Review: (a longer overview of the article on one page or more with no page breaks),Comment: (Your collegiate level feedback, not opinions, using critical thinking on the quality of  the author’s research/article on one page or more with no page breaks)Last page – References (separate page)