Cultural Immersion Activity

350 WORDS MINIMUMFor multicultural immersion activities, student will immerse themselves into two different cultures other than their own. The approved immersion activities are listed (any other activities require instructor’s prior approval). I understand the challenges due to COVID and I am ok with virtual immersion activities. These activities will give you opportunities to learn about diverse populations in the clinical mental health counseling fields. The levels of the activities represent differing degrees of cognitive and experiential risk and involvement. Your posts should include description of what you did, what happened, what you observed, and what you learned from the activities as well as about yourself.Activities of choice:Watch a special on television that explore a specific group of minority issues or provide insight concerning the lifestyles of the ethnic minority group.ORFollow local news articles on the ethnic group’s concerns — read an ethnic newspaper. You may also read popular magazines, e.g., Ebony, Essence, Latina Style, People En Espanol, Native Peoples,Grading criteria for the Multicultural immersion activity: Provide a reflection of the activity. You must include the following components in your presentation for each immersion activity (feel free to include pictures, music or any visual to help explain your experience):Identify and briefly describe the activity experiences (4 points).Discuss why you selected the activity (2 points).Discuss your feelings and reactions to the activity and then describe what you would do differently if you were to repeat this assignment (2 points).Discuss the value of this experience to you as a counselor (2 points).