New Works 06/15

Work #1:This is the second of three milestone papers that will lead you to, and be part of, your final paper. Using the approved company and product/service, you will answer the following questions:Who is your target audience?What is their age demographic?What is their average socioeconomic status?What are the traits and characteristics of your target audience?Where does your target audience go to get their information about products or services?Why is it important to survey your target audience about their personal and buying characteristics?How has the company needed to shift in reaching their target audience in light of the pandemic? Paper length should be 3 to 4 pages in length using APA formatting and should include a cover page and reference page which are not included in the page count. All papers in this course must be submitted using Microsoft Word.  PDFs will not be accepted.Note: Our approved company is “LG Company” and product line is “Home Appliances”Work #2:Describe the plain view doctrine, and why it has such a significant impact on digital forensics? What are three approaches to determining whether the doctrine applies to a specific case.Use your own words and do not copy the work of another student.Attach your WORD document here.