Assessment of Family Systems

Students will complete a family systems assessment based upon the information in the case study/movie chosen earlier. After considering the information in the Learning Resources and assigned readings, students will complete a systemic assessment of the family in their chosen case study/movie. The assessment will include a description of the following information: (Aligned with the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Case Conceptualization and Presentation Form and amended to accommodate family systems factors.).Include each of the following subject areas in your completed family systems assessment.Background Information: Include demographic information, such as grade in school, employment status, family unit information, and other history (e.g., military history, current or past legal problems) that seems relevant to the presenting problem. In this section, you want to discuss past efforts at addressing the issue (e.g., counseling, group work, spiritual and self-help groups, etc.), as well as the results of those efforts.Family Structure: Discuss the current members of the client’s family and support system. Identify all significant relationships in both family of origin and family of choice.Presenting Problem: Why did the family come to you (from the client’s perspective or other referring stakeholder)? How long has the problem(s) persisted? Note the intensity and frequency of symptoms. What have you and the family agreed to work on?Bio-Psycho-Social Evaluation: Assess for major losses, substance abuse or mental health history, and family trauma. Identify patterns in the client’s functioning, which may be connected to experiences in his/her family and relationships. In adult clients, discuss intimate relationships and sexual history, including sexual behaviors and experiences.Narrative Summary:Please describe all of the following issues:1. Your observations and impressions of the family2. Your view of the problem3. The common themes you noticed based on your theory (e.g., types of self-talk, behaviors, emotional states/qualities)4. The family’s barriers to growth and coping skills5. The strengths/assets (protective factors/signs of resilience)6. The etiology of the family’s present psychological capacity or incapacity7. The “Identified Patient” trying to accomplish by various behaviorsSystemic Diagnosis: Based upon the findings of the assessment process, what is the systemic diagnosis of this family? Build your systemic diagnosis upon the central tenets or assumptions of your chosen theory. How does your chosen theory explain the presenting problems or behaviors of the family in your case study?Please use word document that is the template for the assignment. The movie I chose for this assignment is Coming to America 2 and the theories that I’m using are  Bowenian and Structural theories