Diversity Journal Article Summary (2 pages plus reference page)

After reading the article, complete a 2 page summary (APA style) with reference page (3 pages total) and do the following:demonstrate an understanding of the apprpriate theories or conceptual frameworksclearly summarize methods and results of the research (use APA style in text citations)convey the implications of the resultsreflect on the findings with regard to diversity in schoolsorganization is logical, text flows smoothly with transitions between ideaspaper is well written (no errors)APA style citations are done correctlyUse this citation (the article itself) as a model for your others.Lin, M., & Bates, A.B. (2010). Developing teacher candidates’ knowledge, skills, anddispositions to teach diverse students. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 37, 235.(I have attached pictures of the article pg. 179-184 because it costs money to download)- there are 8  pictures total