Mini Lab

InstructionsFor this assignment, you participated in an online experiment on facial recognition.  Using the data that I gave you and your statistics from the analysis, you will write a short lab report (2-3 pages) in APA Style consisting of an Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References.Doing the experiment online is only to give you an idea of how the experiment works. You will write the mini lab report as if you were the researcher who conducted the experiment.You may use this article by Rehman and Herlitz (2007) as a reference in your report: Facial Recognition Article. You should not summarize this article as your entire paper. Use this article to help write your introduction and then use the data I provided for the rest of your paper.  YOU WILL THEN NEED TO INDEPENDENTLY FIND A SECOND PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE TO USE IN YOUR WRITE UP.Here is the grading rubric for this report: Mini Lab Grading Rubricmales                                                        females5                                                                 95                                                                 88                                                                 75                                                                 76                                                                 97                                                                 84                                                                 85                                                                 83                                                                 94                                                                108                                                                 75                                                                 910                                                               86                                                                 95                                                                 75                                                                 98                                                                 87                                                                 75                                                                 96                                                                 7