Week 4 assignments

PART1-PICK ONLY OPTION A OR B NOT BOTH!!!Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Option A ·      Use the decision tree from your readings, and identify what test you would use for data samples that come from two groups that are not measured more than once. What test would you use if the participants are measured more than once, such as a pre- and post-test?Option B ·      Why do we run an ANOVA instead of multiple t tests?PART 2-IT IS ALSO A WORKSHEET ATTACHED BELOW FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. DIRECTIONS FOR THE WORKSHEET: Consider your hypothesis statements you created in Part 2. Calculate a one-way ANOVA, including a Tukey’s HSD for the data from theHappiness and Engagement Dataset.Write a 125- to 175-word summary of your interpretation of the results of the ANOVA, and describe how using an ANOVA was more advantageous than using multiple t tests to compare your independent variable on the outcome. Copy and paste your Microsoft® Excel® output below the summary.Format your summary according to APA format.Submit your summary, including the Microsoft® Excel® output to the assignment.PART3-Shonda: Summary of chart/data WITHIN GROUPS (60-70 WORDSREFERENCESCHAPTER 7&8