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**KIM WOODS** Week 2 CheckPoint

Weekly CheckPoints provide you an opportunity to interpret results in the context of specific data before you complete worksheets and other assignments.Complete the Week 2 CheckPoint by responding to the following:Emily is a fifth-grade student who completed a standardized reading test. She scored one standard deviation above the mean score. How does the normal curve help […]

Bipolar Disorder Psychopharmacology treatments

Describe the key classes of drugs used to treat Bipolar disorder. A “class” of drug usually indicates the drug’s mechanism of action (how the drug exerts is pharmacological effects on the body). Be sure to explain why this class of drugs or classes of drugs would be helpful in treating Bipolar disorder by describing the […]

Three page APA-Gender Influences at Work

Three-page assignment:Select a career path (e.g., architecture, engineering, nursing, business management, etc.).Analyze the impact that gender has in:The career choice itself, including gender stereotyping within that careerOther factors that might influence career choice, obstacles to entering the career, and factors that impact career successThe work setting within that career, including factors that might lead to […]

WEEK 5 Discussion

For this week’s discussion, please the following question set in at least 250 words. doesn’t include references as part of the totalFor this discussion, please discuss the social issue you have chosen to write about, and tell us why you chose this particular topic. Then present at least three perspectives of the debate in society. […]

Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period

Use your knowledge to write a one-act play about a small group of friends.Through the dialogue, the children should exhibit evidence of being in the concrete-operational period of cognitive development.Be as creative in the dialogue of your scene as you can, remembering that at this stage, children, according to the textbook, become “less egocentric, rarely […]

Famous Person Diagnostic Paper

This project will be a 6–8 page paper in APA format. You will select a famous person (by reading a biography or viewing a movie) to complete a case study and a diagnosis. The person can be a historical or present-day figure of significance (e.g., has contributed to entertainment, science, industry, politics), or a fictitious […]